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Studies natural medicine & beauty techniques under several N.P.'s in Los Angeles California.

Janice Stein is a well-known expert in natural medicine and beauty techniques, who has studied under several Nurse Practitioners in Los Angeles, California. With a passion for holistic health and beauty, Janice has spent the last decade immersing herself in the world of natural medicine, and has become a highly respected figure in the field. Janice's interest in natural medicine and beauty began when she was a young woman, and she was drawn to the idea of using natural methods to enhance health and beauty. After completing her undergraduate degree in biology, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an expert in the field. In Los Angeles, Janice worked with several Nurse Practitioners, learning about a variety of natural medicine and beauty techniques. She was particularly interested in the ways in which natural medicine could be used to address a wide range of health and beauty concerns, from skin care to stress management. Over the years, Janice has become a sought-after speaker, teacher, and consultant, sharing her expertise with clients and students across the country. She is known for her in-depth knowledge of natural medicine and beauty techniques, as well as her warm and compassionate approach to working with clients. Today, Janice is considered one of the leading experts in her field, and continues to inspire and educate others about the many benefits of natural medicine and beauty. Whether she is working with individual clients or speaking to large groups, Janice's passion for holistic health and...

SNS Nail Colors to Make Others Jealou

Have you seen SNS nail color collections lately? They have over a dozen of them, everything from Nude to Holiday colors. This smart idea of putting several colors together into one package makes it a lot easier on salons who are new to SNS. A manicurist can simply order a collection like Spring or Easter or Summer and have a great selection ready to use. The SNS nail colors cover the full rainbow spectrum, plus lots of shades for every mood and every event, as well as everyday wear. There are single and multicolor glitter gels, matte colors, and transparent tones. You can find a color to suit anyone and any circumstance. Below you will find SNS nail colors to make others jealous.

Gelous Color Collections for any time, anyone

For example, the Holiday Collection contains 24 colors. More than half of these are glitters and all of them are festive. One brilliant glitter green, the HC12, is absolutely perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or for Christmas. HC03 and HC14 are ideal for the Fourth of July. HC15 fits right into Thanksgiving. If you purchased each of these colors individually, you would spend a lot (really a lot) more than if you buy the collection.

If you want a package of bright, bold dipping powders, check out the Cleopatra and Diva collections. While Cleopatra has a mix of matte and glitter, the Diva is all about sparkle.

On the other hand, the Matte Collection has 6 colors in quiet, serious shades ideal for wearing to the office. The Nude Collection has 10 delicate shades that make any French manicure gorgeous.

Individual colors, too

If you’re serious about SNS nails, you can purchase the entire selection of 249 individual colors. Or you can pick and choose the ones that delight you the most.

One of the best features of these gel powders is that you never need to worry that they will dry out if you don’t use them for a while. That’s very different from regular nail polish.

The dipping powder process is simple and fast

If you’re new to SNS nails, you might not know that they don’t need UV light to dry. The process for doing a manicure with them is very simple and pleasant for the person receiving it. It’s just seven or eight steps:

  • First, prepare the nail by removing other polishes with a nice soak in acetone
  • Second, prepare the nail by gently pushing back the cuticle and lightly buffing the surface
  • Third, paint on the EA base coat and let it air dry for one minute
  • Fourth, apply the Gel Base and dip the nail in the colored powder, wait two seconds and shake off the excess
  • Fifth, use a brush to clean off the powder under and around the nail
  • Sixth, paint on the Sealer coat, shape the nail and re-buff it
  • Seventh, reapply another coat of Sealer, then two thin coats of Gel Top
  • Eighth, apply the vitamin-filled Nourisher if desired

Go ahead, watch a video or visit a salon to see how it’s done. Once you get hooked on SNS nails, your life will never be the same.