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Studies natural medicine & beauty techniques under several N.P.'s in Los Angeles California.

Janice Stein is a well-known expert in natural medicine and beauty techniques, who has studied under several Nurse Practitioners in Los Angeles, California. With a passion for holistic health and beauty, Janice has spent the last decade immersing herself in the world of natural medicine, and has become a highly respected figure in the field. Janice's interest in natural medicine and beauty began when she was a young woman, and she was drawn to the idea of using natural methods to enhance health and beauty. After completing her undergraduate degree in biology, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an expert in the field. In Los Angeles, Janice worked with several Nurse Practitioners, learning about a variety of natural medicine and beauty techniques. She was particularly interested in the ways in which natural medicine could be used to address a wide range of health and beauty concerns, from skin care to stress management. Over the years, Janice has become a sought-after speaker, teacher, and consultant, sharing her expertise with clients and students across the country. She is known for her in-depth knowledge of natural medicine and beauty techniques, as well as her warm and compassionate approach to working with clients. Today, Janice is considered one of the leading experts in her field, and continues to inspire and educate others about the many benefits of natural medicine and beauty. Whether she is working with individual clients or speaking to large groups, Janice's passion for holistic health and...

A lot of people are accustomed to going through series of reviews before purchasing a product, especially online. And the first thing you may want to look at is the features of the product in question, this way you know whether or not you are getting your money’s worth.There are also a lot of beauty treatment devices on the market for women who want to attain and maintain a younger and healthy looking skin. A best anti-aging laser treatment is a beauty tool that is widely used, dermatologists recommended, and FDA approved for all women who want to improve their outward appearance. These devices are safe and can be used at home without having to visit your dermatologist on a regular basis.

Unlike other product categories, there are fewer laser treatment devices or options available today. In this article, we have put together the top 7 best anti-aging laser treatment you should be considering depending on your needs and budget.

The Best Anti-Aging Kit: Dermawand Retail Kit with Preface-reduces Wrinkles

The Dermawand Retail Kit is a best seller anti-aging kit that has yielded satisfactory results for several women. This package includes a beauty guide and an exclusive Pre-face treatment which improves the efficiency of the device. It also uses a radio frequency technology to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, thereby keeping you looking years younger. With the Dermawand kit, you can attain an even skin tone and texture, reduce pores, laugh lines and lip lines. It is safe, painless and also very affordable with millions of proven results worldwide.

Features at a Glance:

-Beauty Guide

-Pre-face Treatment

-Safe and painless

-Evens skin texture and improves appearance

-Portable for home use

Best Portable Anti-Aging Kit: Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser

The Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser is our best portable anti-aging kit and also one of the most efficient laser treatment you will find. Although this product is a bit on the high side regarding price, it is very effective and has numerous satisfactory reviews on its performance. It is very portable and produces visible results within days of usage.

Features at a Glance:

– Portable laser treatment device

– FDA tested and approved

-Restores skin luminosity

– 90 days money back guarantee

– Includes charging cradle and power supply



– The battery is not durable

Best Anti-Aging Kit For Home Use: Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System by Nuvéderm

Our best anti-aging kit for home use is the Microderm GLO Diamond system. With this device, you can transform your skin with only a few minutes of treatment from the comfort of your home, once or twice a week. It is designed with features that make it comfortable and very convenient for home use. This product is also very efficient as it can eliminate years of aging, restore damaged skin and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles.

Features at a Glance:

– Dermatologist recommended and FDA-approved anti-aging kit

-Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin

-Rechargeable system and fantastic design

-Very easy and convenient to use with on-screen LCD

-Increase blood flow to the epidermis

– Diamond Microdermabrasion Technology

– 30 days money back guarantee


– This product does not remove scars; rather it will eliminate the dead layers of your skin.

Worth Considering Anti-Aging Kit for home and multiple uses: Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device

The Trophy Skin Rejuvenate MD Anti-Aging Light Therapy device is yet another effective anti-aging kit worth considering.  This device uses infrared light to penetrate the skin, thereby stimulating the production of natural enzymes and collagen and also reduce inflammation. Just like other products reviewed above, it is safe and improves skin tone. You can achieve visible results from treating your skin with this device about three times a week.

Features at Glance:

– 120 LED light therapy

-Stimulates collagen production

-Improves firmness and elasticity of the skin

– Safe and painless

– Very easy to use


– The head may be too small

– It is a bit pricey when compared to other brands

Best Budget Anti-Aging Kit: Au Fait Skin Care Galvanic High-Frequency RF LED Light Therapy Anti-Aging Facial Skin Tightening Beauty Device

Best Anti-Aging Laser Treatment

Who says you cannot get a decent and efficient brand of anti-aging kit just because you are on a budget? The AU Fait Skin Care is out best budget pick in this product category. This device is priced at under 150 dollars; it is portable and very efficient for use at home. So you can finally forget painful needle treatments, and you wouldn’t have to visit your dermatologist regularly with this fantastic affordable kit.

Features at a Glance:

– Perfect for multiple conditions

-Very affordable

-Pain-free treatments

-Skin rejuvenation with five core concepts (ETS, Mesoporation, Electroporation, Radio Frequency and LED)


-This device doesn’t come with a detailed instructions or guide

Best Anti-Aging Kit for Home and Professionals: Rejuven Skin 5-in-1 Anti aging device combining Galvanic, Ultrasonic, Photon Therapy and Micro-vibration

The best anti-aging kit for both and professional use is the Rejuven Skin 5-in-1 Anti aging device; this product is just fantastic and is an ideal home device. It has five different functions including ultrasound, micro-vibration and photo rejuvenation. This product can also improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Features at a Glance:

-Professional quality skin care from the comfort of your home

-Improve skin conditions and damaged skin

-Five unique functions

-Improves blood circulation

-Lifetime warranty and money back guarantee

– Safe and risk-free


– There is no detailed instruction on how the device work.

Also Worth Considering Anti-Aging Kit: Top Beauty Skin Care Electrical Beauty Device

Best Anti-Aging Laser Treatment

The Top Beauty Skin Care Electrical Beauty Device is yet another laser treatment device that is worth considering for home use. It is very portable and features a rechargeable, cordless anti-aging device that yields great results. This device is also high quality and uses red, blue and yellow lights to restore skin luminosity and promotes a healthier looking skin. It is very affordable, and as a matter of fact, too good for its price.

Features at a Glance:

– Rechargeable and cordless design

-Very portable facial massager

-Rejuvenates skin and clears spots

-Very affordable device


– No detailed instructions

Looking good is a big deal and is as important as staying healthy. Because women tend to age faster than men, devices such as the anti-aging laser kit are available to improve and sustain a healthy skin. Eliminating wrinkles and maintaining youth is one of the many benefits of using this device. So depending on your budget and preference or needs, you should pick a device that is best appropriate for you.